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Mailing & Database Management

As qualified mailing experts, Star is positioned to provide our clients with an accurate and streamlined postal experience. We know mailing and have spent years developing our expertise and relationships with the USPS distribution locations in our area. We recognize that mail marketing involves much more than simply printing an address in a mail piece. Star has been helping our clients successfully navigate postal regulations for many years.


We start with our design capabilities. Our design and marketing team is well versed in postal regulations which ensures that your mail piece is designed correctly from the start – with the consideration of providing you a design that is as efficient as possible with regards to postage and postal regulations. We also place the same emphasis on your in-house designed piece and when appropriate will provide recommendations to allow you to receive a greater postage discount.


Our mailing division maintains an emphasis on the accuracy of our client’s name and address lists. The higher the quality of your addresses, the better the results will be from your mailing – whether it’s for generating sales leads, communicating community information, or receiving as many donations as possible from an appeal campaign.


The investment to manage mail databases from the very start of a project allows Star to be good stewards of your marketing and communication dollars by ensuring accurate mailings – streamlining both the printing and postage costs. We have developed the skill and expertise to uniquely position ourselves as a leader in the mail marketing industry.

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  • Data Collection & Management
  • List Analysis & Creation
  • Postal Certification (CASS, NCOA, Walk Sequence, Drop Shipments, etc.)
  • Postal Sorting
  • Barcoding & Verification
  • Inserting
  • Live Stamping
  • Inkjetting, Camera Match
  • Wafer Sealing

2021 USPS Postage Rates – Effective January 24, 2021

As your mailing industry resource, we want to provide you with the 2021 postage rates and the following mailing specifications for your in-house design / layout team.

Rates are subject to the specifications for the mail piece (weight, size and layout) and the specific mailing distribution list.



Length: min–5″, max–6″

Height: min–3.5″, max–4.25″

Thick: min–.007″, max–.016″


Length: min–5″, max–11.5″

Height: min–3.5″, max–6.125″

Thick: min–.007″, max–.25″

Aspect Ratio:

(length divided by height): min–1.3″, max–2.5″


Length: min–11.5″, max–15″

Height: min–6.125″, max–12″

Thick: min–.25″, max–.75″


  • 0.625″ clear space on bottom of mail piece.
  • 0.5″ clear space on the right of the mail piece.
  • 2″ high address area.
  • 0.25″ clear space to the left of the addressing.


  • Final fold on bottom of mail piece

  • Two wafer-seals on the top

  • Three wafer-seals: two on the front side and one on the back

  • Maximum Size: 10.5″ X 6″

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